Unlock your fleet's potential

Autonomous logistics with the Premonition Suite

Expectations of the modern consumer add a new level of complexity to logistics.

- Accurate live tracking

- Post-purchase flexibility

- Guaranteed time windows

With Premonition, you manage your fleet and over-deliver with less effort at a lower cost.

Handle the complexity

Dispatch, route and optimise with ease

Our cloud-based applications intelligently optimise and manage your routes live, from powerful web tools to in-the-field mobile apps.

Everything you need to manage your fleet and route your deliveries

Multi-vehicle routing.

Our systems are special-built for logistics and able to route hundreds of vehicles at the same time.

Real-time optimisation.

Our engine adapts to changes in real-time and constantly looks for a better solution, particularly suitable for on-demand businesses.

Reliable service

Large fleets trust us daily with their operations. We pride ourselves in providing reliable service and complete transparency in our operations.

Easy to use interface

Get as much information and control as you desire. Our system is equally suitable for the trained expert as well as people without any technical knowledge.

Manual re-ordering.

Re-order one or multiple drops at a time and adjust constraints, like time window, for the best fit.

Robust API integration

Automate the work with our customisable API. It integrates with all common POD/GPS, warehouse management and E-commerce systems.

Common Questions

Is your technology also suitable for smaller companies?

Yes! Whilst our technology is stress-tested for thousands of drivers and millions of weekly deliveries, we also have clients with a single driver doing the local delivery run.

What do you mean by real-time route optimisation?

Real-time routing is when you constantly optimise your operations based on changes in the field. For example, if a customer requests to re-route an order our technology can make the rearrangment on-the-fly without human intervention.

What if I don't do any jobs in a given period?

With Premonition you only pay for what you use. We charge a simple per task fee, making our solution cost effective and scalable, no matter your size or fluctuations.